Except a Mormon Shouldn't Wear This Dress and a Gift Exchange

Sometimes when I've spent too much time alone (it happens) I start to fantasize about being interviewed by David Letterman (or someone) on TV. I have on a terrific dress and extra-shiny legs. He asks me about being a Mormon ("It's really religious") or on being a middle child in my family ("My mom made a lot of pancakes") or how I like being a US Senator ("It's really political") and stuff.

I tend to finger my hair a lot in my mental interviews.

But in reality I am better at asking then answering. When it comes to answers, I like to turn to a modern-day prophetess Geo. I was visiting her lovely blog the other day when I saw that she had posted a Pay It Foward Craft Exchange. This little sensation means that you send out three homemade crafts and the receivers do the same, so that in little time everyone on this planet will have some sort of craft from the heart. Eager to have one of Geo's masterpieces, I signed myself up not thinking about the craft I would send out in return.

Oh snot.

Then the other day I was doing an imaginary interview to myself about being a Goodwill Ambassador and what it's like to go for days without eating just to make a point, when I realized that my craft-- my very own craft--was Question Asking.

Now, I firmly believe that everyone has a good story to tell and I most specially want to hear it. So I am looking for three people to interview and be featured on my blog.

Why you would want to be featured on my blog: It will feel so good.

Here are some rule-ish things:

1.) You must have your own blog to perpetuate the Pay It Forward Craft. As Geo said "The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog."

2.) You must enter by making a comment with something interesting about you.

3.) You have until Monday morning 7:00am MST to enter. (For those who must know, I now rise at 6:00am every morning because I don't have to.) I will randomly pick three individuals with whom to bless with My Craft. The interviews will be posted next week for EVERYONE TO ENJOY!

4.) Judging from the fine job I did with cut-and-paste in Microsoft Paint featured in the picture above, don't you think my craft should be cut-and-paste in Microsoft Paint?

5.) Don't tell Chup I used cut-and-paste in Microsoft Paint because he told me "no more cut-and-paste Microsoft Paint jobs" and he will put me in "Time Out."

Those are the rulios.

Good Luck Donut!

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