Enjoy It to the Max

On the grass with Lolo, Stella and Ralph Dupont

This weekend I came across this post by Gwen Bell. She says:
The blogs, stories and people I love to read the most are the ones that seem to have no idea I’m reading them. Traffic is not a measure of how well you’re writing. Comments aren’t either. Write, blog or tell your stories for the sheer joy of unleashing your creativity.
Point well-taken Gwen.

My traffic charts are fun to read. The comments and e-mails I receive are very rewarding. Messages that appear on my Guestbook are undeniably encouraging. All of these are perks for sharing with the world personal ponderances (and other words I have made up to prove a point.) To be fair to any readership I am lucky--very lucky and grateful--to have, I can't let anything distract me from my goal here in the blogosphere, you know, the whole reason behind "Enjoy It."

God has given me two clear desires. The first, a baby. The second, to write. While the first one has been so far unattainable, the second one has found a home, here on cjanerun.com. I write about all the second best things to having a baby. Far seconds, but what are you going to do?

So here is to remembering my purpose for clocking in on my blog everyday. My delicious little pleasures, which have incidentally doubled, no tripled, no FOURDRIPLED! since I started recognizing their existence. It seems that whenever I post a happy adventure, I end up with a dozen more experiences begging to be published.

If I begin to post several times a day, I hope no one will think I've gone mad (or, like, madsolutely mad.) It's just me opening up my life for more enjoyables as well as taking the advise of Ms. Bell and "unleashing my creativity."


P.S. Something else to ponder: "The blogs, stories and people I love to read the most are the ones that seem to have no idea I’m reading them."
Can I write with the mindset that no one is going to read me?
Will that improve my posts?
Can it hurt to try?

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