The Chicken Makes a Cameo

When Lucy and Ric go out of the town the responsibility falls upon me to feed their chickens. I don't mind this task for two reasons, the first being that they return the flavor and care for Ralph Dupont in our absence and two, for the jewels.

Ric is a jeweler by profession. He keeps a quaint shop here in Provo with his veteran father and specializes in unique designs. The jewelry he has prized me with are my favorite pieces in my collection. I could wear my golden-dragon-colored pearls everyday of my life if I didn't feel bad for my other earrings. Earrings have feelings, everyone knows that.

And, as it turns out, chickens do too.

I found this out last week as I went to feed the premenstrual crew.

"Good morning!" I sang to them.

"Squawk! Squawk!" They returned.

Having established a verbal trust like Page taught me to do I opened the hatch carefully and reached in for their feeder. All was going smooth as egg yolk, when suddenly the white chicken literally flew the coop.

"Get back here you little varmint!" I screeched while I ran like a hunchback, lunging with my arms towards her mid-section. I chased that deviled egg-laying lady around the apricot tree, until finally my fingers caught her white tail feathers and gripped with holiness. Having being caught, she threw winged punches at me as we marched back to the chicken-wire coop.

"Listen." I said calmly, though seriously, "I don't eat your type so there is no need for that kind of attitude like that around me, young lady." After this profession of truth--I am not kidding--the chicken went still in my arms and kindly returned to her residence.

Upon the return of Ric and Lucy they inquired about my chicken-sitting.

"Were they good for you?" Asked Lucy as though she were going to offer disciplinary action.

"One escaped." I admitted.

"The white one?" Asked Ric with a hint of empathy.

But like I was going to tell on a chicken.

For my troubles Ric made me these gorgeous cameo earrings. The ivory faces were fashioned in Italy and individually signed by the artist. I wore them to church yesterday with my matching coral skirt. I equally like the adorable little box they came in, happy jewelry, really.

Usually when I post something like this I get asked about specifics, so here is the low-down on Ric's jewelry. You can contact the shop, Beesley Goldsmith at 1-801-375-2240. Ask for Ric. They do take out-of-state orders. They make all their custom jewelry. They are so, so, so fabulous.

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