The Night Chup and I Turned Into My Parents

I puttered around the house all day in my house dress. I did all my on-line banking, fed our dog and watered my plants. Later in the evening, Chup and I snuggled on the couch to watch "So You Think You Can Dance." I kept jabbing Chup in the tummy using my bare toes with a tease, "You love this show don't cha?"
But Chup denied it and replied with, "I just like to snuggle with you."
"You mean you don't like to see the pretty ladies dance?" I asked.
Chup grinned.
Outside the window I could see that dark clouds were moving across the valley. I got antsy. I like to be where the action is on stormy nights, especially in view of desert-bound lightening strikes.
"Take me for a ride!" I pleaded.
We drove down Center Street and saw a couple maneuver their gas-less car across two lanes. Starry Night was full of patrons and loud music. The wind was blowing tree-debris across the road and people were dodging in and out of parked cars into restaurants and places-to-be.
We sat at a stop light--quiet--waiting for green.
I turned to tell Chup that I needed a drink when I saw out his window the car in the next lane.
It was my parents, convertible top down, my mother in her house dress, my father with wind blown hair, each holding a generous cup of beverage.
"Nice night!" My dad yelled to us.
And we raced them off the line.

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