. . . and then I did it, just like I said I would! I took July off just to be LAZY and eat multi-grain pita chips and fistfuls of blueberries. I went swimming (sorta) with Nie at Kelly's. I had several lunches with Bob. This month Chup and I celebrated the USA, our Love, and the faithful Saints of Old (also called Pioneers.) To top it off, I e-mailed only sparingly.

So today when I was ready to get my groove back, I showered, ironed my hair, and put on my dashing white wedges just so that I could show my computer that I was serious about answering e-mails. I am one heck of a sharply dressed Professional E-Mail Responder (PERM . . . well, almost) and I took to task. Then I started thinking I look too cute just to sit here and answer e-mails. So I went and fed Lucy's chickens. Chickens love to see what you are wearing.

Then back to e-mailing.

I noticed that I had a half-dozen messages from Facebook. Facebook was saying" _____ would like to add you to their Facebook Friendship. Are you really friends with _____?" It took me back to the day when I started my Facebook account. I read that Mit Romney was already impressing the masses with his internet savvy campaign. "He already has a Facebook account!" read the article. So I thought, I am vogue enough for Facebook (and coincidently, Mormon) and I signed myself up.

But see here, I have this blog that keeps me quite busy. I don't even have time to floss most days. (Alright, I hate flossing and any excuse is well-applied.) And so it was that I abandoned my Facebook page on the very day we fell in love. The password is long forgotten. The page sits painfully bare. Pixel dust remains undisturbed.

Dear Friends who invited me to join your Facebook Fun. Please don't think I don't care about you. Will you understand a woman's need for just one space on the internet to call her home? I mean, I never was never a proponent of second houses, or vacation homes, but of course you know that. I'll just keep myself planted here, on cjanerun.com. And anyway, can the internet handle more c jane sites? That is too much vanity wandering around in the ether. Mass c jane sites and Criss Angel videos will doom us all to web destruction.

But if it's my face you'd like to see more of then here, I give you more c jane. Cause I like ya:

Oh yeah, and one more thing about my face. When I was born only half of my facial muscles functioned. My mom says it looked like I had been to the dentist in-utero. I've come a long way, but I still wish I could whistle through my teeth.

Speaking of long roads:

Thanks L A for the angelic, poetic, yellow dress!

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