White Flip-Flops? Maaaaybe.

Every other week Chup and I trade off having insomnia. This has been my week. I can't wait for it to be over, I've played too much Tetris *Wi-Fi in the wee hours. I've almost beat the whole nation of Japan. Except for Yoshima. He outflanks me every time.

Tonight (blink,blink) as I was checking my yahoo.mail account I realized that my avatar was still ringing in the New Year with a very provocative non-Mormonish cancan outfit. Checkmate! But really, I thought she could use a little uppity datey.

So here is what is going on in my avatar:

On Monday night I went to Lindsay's birthday bbq and she told me (verbatim) "You look like a blond bombshell." So I gave my avatar big blond hair.

On Tuesday I went to mutual and two Young Women said to me "You are so tan!" Which I am! But I asked them to say it louder so that everyone else could hear and draw attention. So I darkened my skin a couple tones.

On Wednesday my swamp cooler produced so much humidity in my household that my hair went all crazy curly. I went over to watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" and May said "Your hair looks cute." Thus, the messy hair.

On Thursday I was going for a walk and a neighbor stopped to ask me if I "dress up everyday" because I always wear a dress or a skirt. I hate pants and shorts are just trouble, so yes, a skirt for me everyday. My avatar is having that freebird-air-blowing-up-the-skirt feeling and I am proud of her.

On everyday I spend lots of time with Ralph. In nature. Sometimes Senior Citz yell at us. As you will recall.

And that is about it from here.

Um. Yep. So today Chup and I played on-line checkers. He won.

So, hmmmmmm.

Still not tired.

Did you . . . oh. . . I forgot what I was going to ask.

Is your . . . nevermind.

Hey! How about you tell me what compliments you got this week?

***Enjoy It Links***

Get to know two people who
have June birthdays,
are devastatingly clever,
post pin-up girls on their blog
are very much loved by me:


UPDATED LINK: Please read about Georgia, the smartest 2 year-old in the world by clicking here!

*Wi-Fi enables you to play Tetris with other brothers and sisters around the globe using a Nintendo DS Lite.

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