Waking You Up at Segullah

3.) Does Ozzy's cute doggie face make you want to kiss your screen right now? Then congratulations, you are human.

2.) My Guestbook Commenter of the Week goes to L A. I don't know who this L A person is, but she is very, very nice. She has actually posted numerous times on my guestbook. I love that. If you've only posted once, go back for a second-helping! But back to L A, it sounds like we might know some hipsters in common.

Dear c jane,
This is my final post on your guestbook..I don't like to seem like a stalker..Just a thought of how crazy this world is...or how small it is...Ali Degraff (formerly Sessions) is cousins with Tyler Boice (Her mother and his father are brother and sister). Tyler is married to Nicole McCaleb. I think you know Nicole's sister, Kelly. Small World, folks. Small world.

-L A

Dear L A,
I am not writing to Los Angeles am I? I am sorry but that place is exhausting! Paris in jail one day, out the next, back in again. I mean make up your mind.Really.

Alright so, either way. If I were going to pick two people on my team it would be Ali and Kelly. So I guess that means something L A.

Thanks for the messages. Maybe one day we'll all know more about you. Like, what does L A stand for?

Until then,
c jane

1.) My post at Segullah today will require you to "fill in the blank." If you think you can handle that, click here!

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