Philosophizing Chup, Churros and Charo

MD, Kentucky and Phun (fresh from Disneyland) came over for Sundee dinner. For those of you NOT in the know, Utah pronounces Sunday like I spelled it in the previous sentence. Try it, it's fun. Now try it with all the other days of the week (with the exception being Saturday, as someone recently pointed out to me, Saturday stays SaturDAY for reasons our Scandinavian forefathers took with them to their grave. Oh ya!)

You know why I like to be around MD, Kentucky and Phun? They live a life of miracles. This time I was told about Kentucky's ward who banded together and produced a nice chunk of money so that Kentucky could have all the Disneyland churros that her post-cancer-treatment body could handle. We are calling it the Miracle of the Churros and thanks be to the blessed Saint of Churros whomever she/he might be.

Look, don't tell me you don't like churros. The other night Chup got a strawberry filled churro for free at El Azteca. That is free as in NO MONEY DOWN. Once again, thanks be to the blessed Saint of Churros (which, come to think of it might be Charo) for our own churricle miracle.
I am not going to lie, the strawberry filled churro was not as good as the classico. But what did I expect? It was free. Oh ya!

I like MD, Kentucky and Phun for lots of other reasons too. They are three enjoyments of my life.

On occasion Nie and I talk about blogging, specifically when do we post our last chapter? We reassess our blogging goals together. It's not silly to have blogging goals by-the-way, it helps you to stay focused and keeps blogging productive rather than addictive. My goal is to write about how I enjoy my life on a daily basis and even on the worst, most horrific days there was at least one minute of joy to blog about. And if there isn't one joyful moment, I make one up. Credibility shredibility.

The thing is, when I look at my life there is so much goodness. It's so full of people and purpose and miracles. And nights like tonight, where I sit around the table with people that I love. Sure, we spent ample time talking about cancer, infertility, challenging residencies, major life changes, and hard times. And still, I am sitting around a table with good food, lemonade in my glass and earnest souls. How can I keep from blogging?

It reminds me of an e-mail that I got the other day from an old friend.

I just wanted to let you know that I check your blog every couple of days or so, and you know what it makes me think of? Every time, it reminds me that there is so much beauty in the world. Life really is art, you know? It makes me feel good. Even though life is tough sometimes....for everyone...there really is beauty EVERYWHERE.

I just wanted you to know that your blog makes me think of that.


No, thanks to you my dear friend for times in a wintry Quebec and teaching me how to ice skate. And thanks to Brother Cook who told me today that I looked like I was picked "right out of the garden!" And thanks to May who saved me a place in Sunday School. And thanks to the judge who is sending Paris Hilton to jail, because it's helping her "dig deep" and providing me delicious entertainment. And thanks to my Aunt Lisa for lending me her copy of "The Red and the Black." But especially tonight, thanks to MD, Kentucky and Phun.

And churros.

Oh ya!

Do you have blogging goals?

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