On the Last Evening in May

Last night Chup and I held a dinner in honor of my sister-in-law Megan who is about to deliver her first boy (after three gorgeous girls.) When we heard that my other sister-in-law Lindsay has been trying to recover from a nasty dance with the flu we invited her family too.

We made rice, beans, chicken, guacamole, salad and pico de gallo.
When Stella (4 yrs, well almost) arrived and saw our offerings she quickly asked,
"Ummm. Do you have any chicken nuggets?"

It was nice eating outside under the patio. Andrew wanted to talk about animated movies (he loves them.) Chup wanted to chat about the Jazz. Jesse wondered if this evening would make the blog (it did.) Megan's neighbor told her the End of the World was soon at hand, and did she have her two year supply ready? Lindsay's friend just won "Dancing with the Stars" with Yoko Ono (right?) and the kiddies (count six of them) ran through the sprinklers naked.

Humans must release good feeling chemicals when they eat together. I could have a lunch or dinner appointment daily and never tire of the engagement. I've been to some good ones lately too. Last week Lindy made me the Summer Salad of 2007 (well, that is what I am going to call it--I plan to eat it at least once a week.) It also helps to be in such entertaining company as I was last evening. My family rocks, just like America!

I was so much enjoying myself that I absentmindedly drank too much of my new favorite Santa Cruz Organic Sparkling Lemonade. I felt dizzy-plus-burpy. How I love a good lemonade!

After apple pie was served Lydia (5 years well, almost) whispered in my ear,
"Ummm. Do you have another dessert?"

Note to self !
Next time you are at the grocery store please buy the following items:
Another dessert (not apple pie)
Chicken nuggets
More Santa Cruz Organic Sparkling Lemonade

Next time I will be ready.
Just like Megan and her two-year supply.

What is on your grocery list?

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