Judging Values at Segullah

3.) I am sorry, but is it Christmas or something? I keep getting delicious packages from you cute readers! Holy cow and savvy gravy! My homegirl LA sent a package (see awesome apron above) and then wrote me an e-mail saying " Last Saturday I was at the Gateway Mall and I won a $1000 shopping spree to Gymboree, an entire birthday package (worth several hundred dollars) for my kids, and 6 saltlake bees tickets. I strongly feel that when I do nice things for others..The Lord (also known as the "Universe" to some) pays me back in ways that can't even be always known."

Honey child! That is really what charity is all about! And speaking of charity, LA asks that we check out Savannah who could use some friends. She is this adorable little girl who has hypothalamic obesity. If you have a moment, please send her an e-mail to wish her well.

And p.s. that cute French vintage card sticking out of my apron pocket was handmade by the Passionista herself!

Loves and thanks.

2.) I've had some seriously serious sweet Guestbook comments lately. Our Guestbook Commentor of the Week comes from Rachel C. Formerly of Metamorphose fame, who writes:

Okay C Jane. What I'm about to tell you totally makes my cool factor take a major dip -a major dip into the poolio of fun times 99!

I had a dreamy dream about you...and your brother Christopher, no less. You were having a huge party and you had invited all these high uppity ups, and when they didn't show up -even though all your cool sweet friends did -you were mucho dismayed. And it was weird and funny because you became all put out like a 6 year old, wanting to stay up past her bedtime. BUT THEN, the funny part, you decided to have another party -this time it was going to be at a 7-11. Why you ask? Because your jolly porter brother had just been given a promotion as TOP CHEF at this really pimped out 7-11. So we had this party time at your brother's 7-11, eating all of his gourmet 7-11 food. It seemed like a good time, until you looked around and realized so&so and whatsherbucket hadn't showed up. And you started to pout.

It was weird and funny. And kinda sad in a strange way that I dreamed about you...and your brother.

But I shall not be ashamed of my sub-conscious! Alas, I am proud that you and yours have graced my slumber!

Sweet dreams,

Rachel C.

Rachel C.,
This is totally freaking me out. Geo had almost the same dream about me being at a party and being bummed that certain guests didn't show up even though my good friends did. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Most disturbing.

c jane

3.) Do you want to know what Chup values most in his life? CLiCk HeRe!

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