I Fought the Pa and the Law Won

Ringo is my pa-in-law. He is also a Sun of a Gun. A Rock Star. A Harley Hogster. A Cessna Navigator. And the Best Damn Eye Roller in Magic Valley.

You dream it. He has done it. Partied with the Beach Boys in the 60's. Disco-ed in the 70's. Scuba-dived in the Red Sea in the 80's. Rode on his Harley to the Grand Canyon in the 90's. And completely broke his back para- gliding in the 00's.

And he is just getting started.

Sometimes he forwards us all e-mails about parachuting, or planes or something else that starts with a "p". On occasion, the messages are about why ___ are better to have than women. Last time it was guns. (7. You can put a silencer on a gun.) On e-mails such as those, I cannot help but reply with some sort of snippy ultra-feminist retort, to which he always answers, "Wow. Brains
and beauty. . .how did my son luck out?"

And that kind of flattery puts you right at the top of my good graces.

Happy Father's Day Ringo! Thanks for contributing half of your DNA to the wonderful concept that is the Chupastar. My finger guns are blazing at you partner!

I need help:
What did you get for Dad this year?

Enjoy it Links:

The Finger Salute by the Children of Our Future:
Lo's little devil
Kelly's little angel.

It is now documented.
Though my Dad is diplomatic about it,
everyone knows the truth,
I am the favorite.

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