Choices at Segullah

3. Today I start baking classes with my nieces. Wouldn't I be the coolest auntie ever if we made this creative cake? Instead I think we might just start out with the All-American chocolate brownie. I love melting chocolate. The chemistry is divine.

2. Today's Guestbook Commenter of the Week was actually never posted in the Guestbook. That is because the Guestbook Controls insisted that it was spam. Never-the-less, Auntie CW e-mailed me the comment and it was so witty that I am posting it all to read. So neener neener Guestbook Controls!

Dear c jane,

Today I am writing to tell you how amused I am by the google ads on your blog. One of my personal favorites has always been the Chupa Chups Lollipops, because I imagine that you find your Chup-Star so delicious you must have hand-picked that particular ad.

There is another, about which I do not want to know more, that leads with "I see London, I see France, Don't let anyone see your girl's underpants. But today I couldn't resist clicking on the link because I just had to know what Her Majesty the Op-rah's favorite bra is. And I was directed to this:

In any case I am amused. First that Oprah feels the need not only to tell me what books I ought to be reading, but also the type of underwear I ought to be buying. Of course with the brilliantly captivating tagline, "the invention that makes women look thinner" how could I resist? I love the sweet subtlety of selling slimming lingerie modeled by anorexic airbrushed models, don't you?

My favorite product is the Spanx Power Panties Performance Underwear.I believe every girl should own a pair of power panties, but I hesitate to ask what kind of performing one expects of one's underwear. Just can't go there.They also have a pair called the Higher Power Panties. Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn't go there, either.

But you have to love a company that would name a brassiere "Bra-llelujah!" I'm half tempted to order one right now! So do keep those ads a coming. It gives a girl something to write home about when it's 5:30 in the morning and it's just too early to do anything else but sit and listen to the little birdies sing.



Dear Auntie,
Let's get together and talk about Higher Power Panties. I desire to "go there" as in, into the divinity and doctrine of panties. I will bring the Chupa Chups.

Hugs to you,
c jane

1. There is a post up at Segullah entitled "Celebrating the Celibate" and it is about choices for homosexuals in the LDS church as in inspired by Elder Jensen's quote:

"If you’re going to live your life within the framework of the Gospel, within the framework of our doctrine, then you’ve got to choose to marry someone of the opposite sex, and if you can’t do that honestly, then your choice has to be to live a celibate life. "

Read more by clicking here.

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