Sooo I Was More Suprised Than You

Today was full of surprises.

This morning I found that the rose bush I thought was botanically dead actually produced a a couple buds over night.

It rained. Surprisingly refreshing.

When I went visiting teaching I surprised myself in not responding to Cari's Disneyland/Cruise vacation announcements with "California Adventure? I've done that. I was one of the first people on Soaring Over California. . ." or "Cabo San Lucas? I've done that. And Puerto Vallarta . . . and Mazatlan . . ." which I would've done before Penelope entered into my life. (Thanks Azucar for the link, wink.)

I fit into my trousers from last summer.

I had to explain to Chup that when a woman decides that her hair has got to be colored/cut the whole process has to go down IMMEDIATELY. It's like when your toddler drinks whateverisunderthesink. Any good parent knows that you call poison control IMMEDIATELY. When I decide my roots are bad or my hair is unshapely, it has to be fixed in 24 hours or IMMEDIATELY. After explaining this in a rather dramatic show of IMMEDIACY, to my surprise, Chup laughed.

I read an e-mail from Ashley which made me cry and feel goose bumps. It was a good e-mail surprise treat.

MD called and we had this discussion with surprising medical information:
MD: People who watch "Sex in the City" are going to hell.
c j: I like hell. It's sexy.
MD: Sexy is a bad word.
c j: Who told you that?
MD: I read it in a Medical Journal.

I got surprisingly turned on by Chup's use of the Bluetooth while eating a peanut buster parfait in the car. I took a picture but he said "Put the camera down." He is such an actor like that.

Not surprisingly, I still do not support Bluetooth users.

Later in the evening I had a surprising urge to eat Stauffer's Macaroni and Cheese. My Dad practically raised us on this concoction of concocted ingredients. I swore in my wrath never to return to that cheesy pond of macaroni death.

We made a surprise trip to Target to buy some.

While at Target I got a text message from Topher who is with Lisa in LA. They are attending the Maroon 5 album release party. The message reads:

I just met Simon Cowell.

So I texted back:

Tight t-shirt?

To which he responded:

Tight. Black. Long Sleeved.

And for once today it was nice not to be surprised.

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