Shock and Awesome

Yeah so here is the deal. We went to a get together with friends last night. It was funny. At one point I was thisclose to wetting my pants. For the record though, I am always thisclose to being thisclose to wetting my pants. Don’t get me laughing on a trampoline. And don’t talk two octaves higher and sound like a goat when you start to cry. That gets me uncontrollable silly every time. Even I myself fall victim to the high-pitched goat voice. It’s bad too, because no one should laugh and pee when other people are being tender.

Back to this evening. The details are blurry. But I am sure that at one point Chup and I were standing up dancing side-by-side. We were trying to show the Party People what the ninety year old lady from Provo was doing on Leno the other night. Then, out of nowhere, Chup kicks higher than his head. The Party People are impressed. One person asks Chup if he can also do the splits.

Here is the deal. CHUP TOTALLY DID THE SPLITS…ON DEMAND. My six-foot-five-inched-tall-two-hundred-fifty-plus-a-bag (or four bags)-of-rice-husband-of-almost-five-years did the freaking splits as a parlor trick. Darn well ripped his camouflage cargos in the process.

It happened so fast. Split seconds (pardon the pun). Did I know that Chup could do the splits? Um no. I was so shocked that I ran around the room flailing my arms in the air and shouting a mantra I mustn't repeat on a family-friendly blog sorta. Does this change things? Um, yes.

How am I?

I am in shock.

Um, and twitching a little bit. bit. bit. bit. (STOP IT!) bit.

But we’re going to be jjjjjjjust ffffffinnnnnne.

I might not have the presence of mind to blog for awhile.

You understand, right? right? (HELP ME!) right? It is normal for husbands to do insane things out of the clear blue happily married sky. ??? ???

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