Apron Week Day Four: Apron Duty in May

Yesterday was the perfect May day. The afternoon was delightfully sunny and I spent the afternoon on the ground of the Devereaux House in downtown Salt Lake reading Mayle's "Year in Provence" (thank you Auntie). Life was so good I was only half wished I could live in Southern France and spend time taking care of vineyards and seeking out truffles with my pet pig, Winnifred.

On May Day we bought all new flowers to plant throughout the yard. I started a little herb garden on the northwest corner. It's going to be delicious when I can add lemon basil--homegrown--to some lucky dish. After basking in the sun for awhile, we drove home and I tended to my little garden. I didn't water too much because the sky looked like it was a photocopied rendition of a renaissance painting. White and silver puffy clouds hinting rain.

In the five 0'clock hour I headed east to my nephew' s high school soccer game. I found Page sitting on a hill with her two youngest daughters wearing an apron from Versailles. I told her my delight in finding her still in apron-attire. She said she had forgotten to take it off.

My nephew can kick the ball extremely far. He is tall and very sturdy. He has shot successfully at half-field and scored. We watched him knock down other players in pursuit. Page feels bad for the players rolling in the turf. All the while, the little girls climbed on and off our laps, diving in our purses, trying on our sunglasses and smearing lipstick all over their chins.

We dined on a picnic of m&ms, fish crackers, and fig newtons from the whole food store. When the game had ended in our favor, we looked to see that Page's apron was covered in chocolate, cheese and red lipstick.

"You see, this is why I always wear an apron." she explained.

After the little girls were safely strapped in their car seats and my nephew was heartily congratulated on a well-played game, Page and I waved good bye. Her, in her crusted apron and I, in my vintage t.

Then with a large burst of wind it started to rain.

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