Jamie & Co.

Here is one current picture of me with my daughters in our kitchen tonight making dinner. The rainbow aprons we are wearing were a gift (handmade) from my mother-in-law last Christmas, complete with Williams-Sonoma utensils and a min-set of kitchen tools for the girls (a great gift for homemade Christmas).The first three photos are from a dinner I hosted back in college in 1999 in Tucson, AZ. A bunch of friends--mostly locals and grad students--would take turns hosting on Sunday nights. When it was my turn, everyone had to delve into my apron collection and wear aprons all night!

1. My friend, Celeste, and me in the apron I still use most often. The pink apron was my great-grandmother's and the brown one was my grandma's.

2. My friend Liz models one of my less-utilitarian but super cute aprons,inherited from grandma Elrey.

3. In this shot of the group, you will notice all the women folk wearing aprons-- notice the awesome patchwork one Miki is wearing, and Nichole (on the floor) was wearing a navy printed one I sorely miss (lost in a move. Both were thrifted and given to me as gifts.
More friends, more aprons, this is just getting better and better...

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