We Are A Happy Fam-il-y!

Don't you love it when husbands fall in love?

Not romantic love but friendship love which means that for the rest of your life you and your friend/sister/cousin can get together and never, ever feel like you are dragging your better half into the relationship.

My dearest almost-sister cousin Jayne and I have just this arrangement. Both of our husbands are "artists" who like "music" and "ideas" and grow "beards" and read "stuff." So every six months or so, Jed and Jayne invite us over for dinner (and sometimes it's at our place) where Jed makes amazing white wine pasta with vegetables and Chup eats too much and I talk too much and we always stay too long, but dang if everyone isn't just fat with happiness and unconditional l-o-v-e.

Jed and Chup talk about "photography"
Jayne and I talk about "baby names."
Jed and Chup talk about "acting"
Jayne and I talk about "cousin-updates."
Jed and Chup talk about "chasing dreams"
while Jayne and I chase little Hazel and Parley around the backyard.

Jayne makes good mango-orange juice as well, which never hurts the mood.

Tonight after dinner, Jed and Jayne gave us their 2006 Christmas card (which for five months was waiting underneath their bed). Our other friend's whom we are in love with, Lance and Lani in Twin Falls, gave us their 2006 Christmas card just last month. And you know what? I think it is a sign.

Merry Christmas
Jayne and Jed. Thanks for dinner!

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