Graduating Segullah

3.) Yesterday my girlfriend Heidi at Stuart Fraser (downtown Provo) came to a quick rescue and made me blond again before those misplaced brown roots overcame my participation in blond ambitions. Seen here only moments after the bleach had set: Me, Olivia and Lucy. Sadly, Olivia may never know the trials and tribulations of hair color determination, she will always be-- no questions asked--a perfectly coiffed redhead.


2.) Guestbook Commenter of the Week comes from Ethan (the first Male to have such an honor!) who writes:

it is total bs that i don't get to come to lunch! i don't even have a job, bs i say.

Dear Sir,
Today I enjoyed a lunch with May, Nat and Kelly. It was a wonderful afternoon, with verbal contributions from all involved. Of course you knew all this because instead of dinning with us, you took the kids and went to lunch on your own.
What you may not know though is that on the way home May (her husband) Davey, and I talked about my friend's Justine's comment on my Monday post. She says something to the affect that Girls Night Outs (or, in this case, Girls Lunch Outs) always makes her love her husband more and undoubtedly feel more "amorous" towards the guy.
This is all to say that when you, my well-traveled funny fellow, don't come to lunch with the ladies, it is really you who is the champion in the end.

Perhaps Nat came home feeling a bit more refreshed, full of...shall we say...passion?

May blessings of salty mussaman falleth upon your head, and those of your children I pray,

c jane

1.) You better for cheddar believe that c jane has some words of wizdom for the graduation class of 2007.

Only some of it deals with aliens and robots. The rest is really sound.

Read it to the high school senior in your life, by clicking your diploma here!

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