Here's me posing awkwardly in my favorite apron. This one is made by my mom, who after making aprons for my sisters and me two Christmasesago has started a hobby of making aprons for pretty much everylady/girl she's ever met, using a 30-year-old pattern. She made mine red and yellow, my favorite colors. My particular apron has an embroidered tag inside, "Made with love by..Mother." I think she tags most of them with various cute little sayings ("Pinnies from Heaven" being one). Technically I don't really cook that much but I do eat, and I like wearing aprons when I eat (I'm a spiller), especially on Sundays,which is the best day for hanging out in your dress and apron all day. When I do wear an apron to cook I find myself wearing it until I go to bed that night. My husband makes fun of me for it, but oh well. He also made fun of me when I asked him five minutes ago at 12:30 a.m. totake a picture of me in this apron so that I could send it in to oneof my fave blogs.

More "pinnies from heaven" coming soon!

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