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I was contracted out by my brother's today for secretarial work. This made sitting at the computer posting all these fun Apron Week Finale photos and stories quite easy for me. Every hour or so, my brother Andrew would check to see what new apron was being posted...and I thought only women would care about Apron Week.

If you don't have an apron yet please see to it that you have one soon. There are many reasons why men and women for generations have used them. Aprons are more practical versions of the fantastical capes worn by Super Power People. Don't believe me? Try it.

But I should warn you, just like Eliza said, once you don an apron it won't come off until your day is done. So make sure it's a cute one, or cutemasuline for the men (see: Anne's husband Tyler). It also doesn't hurt to get one for the children of the household as demonstrated so adorably today.

I've used these adjectives in this post so far: fun, fantastical, cute, cutemasculine and adorably. My thesaurus is falling a part. Time to go to the bookshop! Bookshop or Spiderman 3? These are the choices we are praying about tonight.

What will be my "theme week" next time? Perhaps the swanky (another adjective to count) modern housecoat? Like Jamie brought up in a comment earlier this week:
I have even been considering housecoats as of late, but modified--shortened--and worn with jeans or yoga pants. My great grandma always wore them with knee-hi's and keds. I want some! Cool vintage fabrics with pearly snaps, just like gram's only shorter like a smock. Oh, good times!

Jaime, I know just what you mean. Pearly snaps and all!

Thanks to one and all for a great Apron Week in blogland! Wasn't swell?

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