Body Language at Segullah

3.) I am so excited for my guest blogger tomorrow. She is a recent graduate from Brigham Young University where she helped stage an alternative commencement. Her whole experience is intriguing, and you will not want to miss reading her report.

The Guestbook Commenter of the Week goes to Juli who writes:

I love your blog. I feel like I'm sitting in a friend's kitchen, gabbing and eating sticky caramel corn, only not so messy. I especially enjoy hearing about Kentucky. She's inspiring. We're all celebrating with her. I was bummed to miss apron week. (I was at BYU Women's Conference.) When my parents were newly weds, my mom went to do some housework, and not having any rags, she found an old apron in my dad's stuff and cut it up. When my dad came home that day, he found the house clean, but noticed that the apron given to him by the only family he baptized on his mission in South Africa was in pieces. My mom felt horrible and sewed it all back together, zig zagging "I'm Sorry" across the front. I think every marriage needs an "I'm Sorry" apron.

I love your comment. I love your story. I also love Kentucky. And I love the "I'm Sorry" apron idea. Did you know that lingerie also works as an "I'm Sorry" apron?

Thanks for being around Juli!

Love, c jane

I also love non-sticky caramel corn.

1.) My post at Segullah today starts out like this:

"This very morning while perusing my favorite web new sources, I came across a picture of my favorite actress. I only knew it was her because of the caption underneath the photo. The image itself looked more like her skeleton. I rationalized her dramatic weight-loss on an upcoming role. I thought about it all day long. I am thinking about it now. I am so tired of the forced size 0. It’s got to stop."

I've got a solution, read it here!

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