Getting on the Side Saddle at Segullah

3.) Lucy let me cut these peonies yesterday from her garden. Chup calls them the ultimate 70's Prom Corsage Flower. I call them Magnificent. Now they are in little vases all over my house. Isn't amazing what fresh flowers can do for the feng shui of your home? I feel so clear-headed and enlightened. I think I even ovulated four times yesterday.

Thanks Luca, for sharing!

2.) Guestbook Commenter of the Week goes to Marilyn who writes:
it is 3:30am and I can't sleep. My allergy medicine won't let me. (I loathe hayfever.) I am awake, so I check my blog. Lo and behold another comment from dear cjane(you). So I ask you, do you realize how happy it makes bloggers (like me) when you comment on our posts? Thank you.

Another question. Does your father have an accent? For some reason, (I'm positive it is that picture that you and NieNie post with him in his apron) I imagine him speaking with an accent. Just curious. It's strange what your brain won't stop thinking about at 3am.

One more question. You are full of insightful ideas, any good ones on how to fall back asleep when you wake up in the middle of the night?

enjoying it, even at 3am,

Dear Marilyn,
Isn't the blogging exchange so much fun? I comment on your blog, you sign my guestbook. You ask me if my dad has an accent. I tell you "no" unless you count his Utah accent where the pronunciation of the last workday in a week is Fridee. Then you ask for ideas about going back to sleep in the middle of the night. And then I mention that when this happens to me I get my I-pod and shift over to my living room where I dance to liquid jazz until I end up in a big sweaty heap of exhaustion. You could try dancing to Buble as I know he is a favorite (or The Favorite) of yours, but I can't predict the outcome. Another tip: wear leg warmers while you are dancing.

Many hours of sleep my dear Marilyn!

c jane

3.) My post at Segullah today is all about choosing sides.

Do I pick the burrito or the nachos?

Find out by clicking your clicker here!

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