I have a very cherished apron that was my grandmothers. It was a full coverage apron, that I remember her having all of my life. She would make Thanksgiving dinner for about 50 each year, and I remember when I was small enough that my eye level was the height of that wonderful light orange, yellow, and black floral print (As I describe it: not so cute, but really it IS). I inherited the apron shortly after she passed away, when I was still missing her so much it physically hurt. My mom asked me if I would help her in the kitchen, and she pulled out this treasure. My eyes filled with tears remembering those wonderful dinners at grandma’s and I was allowed to take it home. It has been all the many places we have lived, however; I am currently living with my in-laws and all my kitchen things are in storage. As you made your call for photos in our beloved aprons I ran to the storage shed, risked life and limb and was unable to find the box of kitchen related items. I have been feeling sick about it all week, even making a separate trip today, but since the weather was horrible I was unable to devote enough time to the task. I know the apron is there, but I wish I could have sent a photo.

Ashley, we will post a picture on that fine day when you and your apron are together again. Thanks for the beautiful story!

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