Apron Week Day Three: Aprons and Answered Questions

Merci beaucoup to all the people who have been flooding my new email (cjanemail@gmail.com) with apron photos for me to post on Friday. Keep them coming and remember to add the origins of your apron.

And now, our Guestbook Commenter of the Week!

Our Guestbook Commenter of the Week comes from j5t who writes:

Hello, Dear cjane. You always look so fetching in your aprons! I must inquire: from whence have your aprons come? Not intending to start a new shirt-like revolution, I must know. Because I must have one! What with all my spilling and such...

You are a doll. You are so pretty. Gush gush gush. And then some.


Dear j5t,

Great questions and even better compliments. I have aprons from as far away as France to as backyard as Canada. (Canada is really in our backpocket, you know.) Azucar ordered me one online, Lucky picked me up one for a dollar in Seattle, Nie finds them for me at antique stores (see photo below title) and Chup bought me a charmer at Anthropologie last year. But my favorite apron I totally stole from my mother. Does your mother have aprons? Perhaps you can steal one from her.

Just a suggestion.

(Tomorrow we'll talk about making your OWN. Do you have a sowing machine j5t? Not that you need one...)


c jane

Dearest c jane readers, where do you find your aprons?

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