The Apron Family: Julia, Elle, Eden, Mama, Allen

Junior Miss Julia and Miss Elle are wearing aprons that they decorated during an Achievement Days activity (when it was still called A.D.). They made these aprons and then wore them to serve the Relief Society Sisters during an Annual Birthday Dinner.
Little Miss Eden is wearing one of MY favorite aprons (but not THE favorite). It was given to me as a gift by Maria Purles, a co-worker, for Christmas. The thing I love about it is that it was completely unexpected! And, as an extra added bonus, it has little loops on the front that you canrun a dish towel through. No more dish towel on my shoulder. Quite convenient, if I do say so myself! (and I do!)
Next is the Queen Mother, moi. I am wearing my favorite apron, one of my favorite articles of clothing. Yes, it is stained. I earned every stain. And no, it's not so cute as far as aprons go. But I earned this apron. Here is its story: My hubby, Allen, has a wonderful grandmother. She lived in Orem while we were dating, and even up through the birth of Kobe, child#4. She was the kind of grandma everyone wants to be. She always had atreat when we came to visit, usually popcorn. Or, if we were really lucky, caramel corn. She planted a large garden & had fruit trees. She canned all summer and she and grandpa ate the fruits of their labor the rest of the year. If we were ever lucky enough to be there for dinner, her homemade bread was always such a treat!! And how she ever got 100% whole wheat bread to rise well is something I have still not figured out. She did yardwork,housework, sewed, cleaned, lived and loved side by side with her husband,who the kids remember as "the blind grandpa". And she wore aprons through it all, ones she created herself. I always wanted one of her aprons, but,not being born into the family line (but SO SO SO thankful to have married into it!!), I felt I could not ask for one. Well, someone on my in-law side decided I should have a surprise party for my birthday, and it was at Grandma and Grandpa's, because that is where all family gatherings took place. And what do you think Grandma gave me? This apron that she made for me herself, one that resembled one of hers that I so loved. Now that she and grandpa are enjoying life together on the other side of the veil, the apron has even more meaning to me. And who knows? Maybe someday it will bring me luck and I will master whole wheat bread like she did.
Last of all, Teen Boy Allen. (Do you notice he is taller than me and is leaning down to be in the photo?!) Allen is wearing an apron purchased at a Family Reunion Auction. No one else was bidding on it, as none of us caredmuch for the Washington Redskins, but then I thought, "It's an apron! We can always use another one of those!" So, there you have it.
Happy Apron Week!
Check back in a half hour for another great apron post!

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