Vintage Baby Shower

We interrupt this usually scheduled Guestbook Commenter of the Week for an Inbox Question of the Week. This question comes from Marissa, (who was once a Commenter of the Week.)

Greetings Cjane,
Marisa here(Commenter of the week) I have a question hoping for an answer? I love the ideas, picture and moments you and Stephanie write about .... its just creative...are you both creative with parties? I have a baby shower to throw and well my ideas are a little rusty, or more like not really creative in this department!! Do you have any ideas, games etc. etc.
Help I'm drowning in baby diapers!
Your Cyber friend

Just yesterday I was perusing my friend Whitney's blog and saw pictures from a baby shower her friends had thrown for her. If I am ever blessed enough to have a baby shower thrown in my honor, I would want it to look like this little celebration!

Click here for the
shower photos
Click here for the cute
hostess gifts.
Good luck with your fete Marisa, let us know how it goes!
c jane

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Will it be you?

(Do you have any ideas for Marisa?)

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