Try To Find Me. I Dare Ya.

1.) I wrote about my minivan today on Segullah. What? You didn't know I had a minivan?

Included in my Segullah post today is this paragraph:

"...I do have to mention the girl at Blockbuster the other night who bowled me over –using a typical shoulder maneuver—while my husband and I were in line. She had the worst wig-o-nest-o-rats coming out of a high-centered ponytail and I said to my husband right then and there..."

You are dying to know just what I said to Chupa aren't you? You'd love to know who gets to ride in my minivan! To find out, Click-your-thang here!

2.) You can also find out my new collection by reading my letter to Nie on Design Mom today. (Hint: It is something about vintage dresses. Okay, it is vintage dresses. But find out more...)

Click here for my letter.

Click here for Nie's letter back to me.

3.) The absolute honor of Guestbook Commenter of the Week belongs to Laurie who writes:

I am a friend of the most fabulous, talented, beautiful, Segullah blog officiater Maralise. That is how I found your blog from her brilliant Photo blog. I have come to look forward to every fun, well written, engrossing post. Thank you for uplifting so many people and for challenging each of our minds. One question, Who takes the most darling pictures of you? Okay, I love the one with your dog and the apron, in your pink skirt and new shoes. and forever ago in your awesome blue shirt. Thanks again and keep it up.

One thing that you should know is that I always pick the most compliment-giving Guestbook commenters
as my Guestbook Commenter of the Week. You are too kind. I love Maralise. So I must love you. It's all making sense now.

As for my photos, I give all the credit to my husband, namely Chup A. Cabra. In fact, just today he had to take some fast photos for me. The reason why he was hurried? He was off to shoot his first ON-SCREEN KISS since our marriage. Had you known this Laurie you might've also asked
"c jane how does it feel to have your husband kiss another woman repeatedly in front of other people?"
to which I would say,
"It hurts."

But nothing a paycheck won't heal.

Thanks for stopping by!
c jane

P.S. In case you were wondering, Chup doesn't photograph professionally. Maybe in the future when I can't take anymore women making-out with my husband. Who knows?


4.) Finally, my Guest Blogger tomorrow is a homeschool mom writing from the trenches of...well...home. And here is the thing: She is certifiably normal. I know! And you didn't think they existed! Tune in tomorrow to find out what it's like to be a homeschool mom on the next segment of c jane's "A Day in the Life of..."

Peace. I am out to see Azucar's newest arrival!

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