So I Hear You Are Going To Europe-Paris Edition

Thanks everyone for your London suggestions, you helped fill in the gaps (Mind the Gap!) (London inside joke--but seriously, don't forget to ride the tube.)

And now Mitch (a female), Je vous presente:


Top 5 Places to See:
1.) Effiel Tower
But of course!
2.) Notre Dame
Stay awhile! Attend mass! They have international sessions which are part French/Latin/English.
3.) Sacre Coeur
Best view in Paris. Loads of stairs to climb. You can't call yourself a real tourist until you've been to crowded artist's place du Tuerte. You should at least see the sunset here or at the Tower. 4.)The Louvre/ Musee d'Orsay
They are just across the Seine from each other and must sees. Try having lunch in the Musee d'Orsay's tearoom just behind the clock. You'll think you're Marie Antoinette.
5.) Versailles
Speaking of Marie, don't miss her little countryside Hameau. She'll be glad you've come.

Top 5 Spots d'Interest:
1.) Shakespeare & Co. book store.
Just south east of Notre Dame towards St. Micheal sits my favorite place in Paris. It is the bookstore of your dreams. Small, quaint and stuffed with books. Featured in the first scene in "Before Sunset" 37 rue de la Bucherie .
2.) Jardin de Luxembourg
The quintessential Paris park. Don't miss the round pound where little boat races are held. Have lunch! Look for the bee keeping school and don't miss the statue of St Genevieve--Patron Saint of Paris.
3.) Shops around the Madeline
If you want to see the best Paris confections then take a stroll around the La Madeline. This is a perfect place to find some brilliant fondant shaped as little pieces of fruit for Ada Chef. Oh la la! (I had to do Oh la la somewhere!)
4.) Rue Moufftard
A windy, tiny market street with vendors selling Parisian cheese, bread, seafood and chocolate. It is on a hill, so start at the bottom and eat yourself up the road!
5.) The Seine
You must walk along the Seine and feel so full of romance! Sometimes being in Paris alone is better because you've got your imagination to keep you company. You know what I am saying? Yes? Try walking along the bank from the Tour Eiffel to the Pont d'Alma where you can see where Princess Di died (if you are into pop culture) You will have to cross the bridge, and look for a giant gold flame structure. (Also, look for the mini-Statue of Liberty while you are there, it is on one of the bridges by the Tower)

What to Eat:
YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG ANYWHERE (and drink lots of Pelligrino!)
1.) Crepes!
I can recommend a great creperie called La Crêperie des Champs Elysées, which as you can imagine is right off the Champs Elysées. It's ambiance resembles French country (think Gaston) and the crepes are made for you on irons in the middle of the store! Seriously cool and very traditional. 5, rue Washington right off the boulevard.
2.) Angelina
You must go in and order the best hot chocolate of your life. Order milk chocolate and have a friend get white chocolate and then die. This is a very petite tea room in between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde. Also order some patisseries. 226 rue de Rivoli.
3.) Cheese
At least once, try a restaurant where they offer cheeses post dinner. They will wheel out a tray and it will smell like sewer and taste divine. You simply cannot leave Paris without trying!
4.) Chez Georgette
Where the locals eat. Don't tell anyone I am letting you on this culinary secret. This is a little neighborhood (maybe trendy) restaurant. We found it last June and were thrilled. Georgette might even serve you herself. Try the Jerusalem artichoke & curry soup and then her chocolate cake that oozes. In Montmarte, 29, Rue St Georges. (Tip: Don't tip, it is usually included--all over Europe!)
5.) Just because you can,
get a Rocket salad, a baguette, some cheese and chocolate and hide yourself in a park. Voila the perfect Parisian meal!

( I thought about changing this painting because of all the prepubescent young men that read my blog, alas the other Art suggestions feature naked women as well--besides Madonna of the Rocks but that is so Di Vinci code.)
(I am writing them with their English titles)
1.) Clesinger's "Woman Bitten by a Snake"
Sitting on the Ground Level of the d'Orsay, this my favorite piece of art in this world. She is waiting for you right when you enter the converted train station. I could stare at her for hours, perhaps she will have the same appeal for you.
2.) Cabnel's "Birth of Venus"
So lovely. On the bottom floor of the d'Orsay.
3.) Manet's "Luncheon on the Grass"
I am not a big fan of Impressionism (sue me) but this piece is gorgeous and it glows.
4.) Madonna of the Rocks -Di Vinci
For fun, compare the Madonna of the Rocks in the National Gallery with the one in the Louvre. Which one do you like better?
5.) Venus de Milo-Louvre
She'll make you glad you are a woman.

There, there Mitch. Can I answer any questions for you?

What did I miss my chere readers?

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