On How To Have A Good Weekend

It doesn't take much to have a good weekend in our neck of the woods. Just a few parties, delicious cupcake recipes and a new dress.
Saturday Morning

First, an Easter egg hunt at Andrew and Lucy's farm. 30 kids, 200 eggs, plus a special "golden egg" containing $20 for the lucky winner.
Maloy found it up in the tree.

Not even an ancestorial monkey could climb that fast. He told me he spent $5 directly after on a game of bowling with cousin Jay. He bowled a spare--I might add.

Other lucky finders:

Buggy, Muggles, Huey, & Livey

But the Most Eggs Found Award goes to Stella:
(However, the word on the street is that she may have stashed some eggs in her basket at home before the hunt began. Judge's ruling is still pending...)

Saturday Evening
That evening I saw ~J surprised out of her mind at the 30 Birthday Celebration of the Year Party #2.
It was most lovely!

~J's handsome boys enjoyed the evening in style.

Just-in-time-Darlybird-Rachel sent me her amazing cupcake recipes for Easter dessert. They were a big hit at the family party.
After it's all over, come home and have a nice Easter Weekend nap, which extends into the evening, (and in fact, all night) until Monday morning comes...

and that is how it's done!

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