LiP (Gloss) Service

It wasn't like I deserved it, sitting in Chup's office looking up info on Wikipedia. Chup heard the mailperson (poli-tic-cally cor-rect) slam our red mailbox shut just outside our bedroom window. When he returned there was a box, a package, a parcel, with MY name on it!

Usually something bulky in the mail means that Chup has been on e-bay again obsessing over some random trinket with a hot auction to boot. He can spend his pay pal cash reserve faster than Britney can change wigs (those wigs make me uneasy--and remind me of Halloween, but this isn't Perez Hilton, so I'll stop the editorial.)

I wasted no time opening my surprise and there found a Van's shoebox stuffed full of chocolate, and treats and lip glosses with a cute pair of earrings and nailpolish and a note from my cyber BFF Liz telling me to "enjoy the toys from Target." A line that I like to repeat when I am falling asleep at night.

Being the recipient of a wonderful, unexpected experience made me feel so (until someone comes up with a better word to replace "special" I am going to use it here) special that it inspired me to whip up a package for the missionaries serving from our ward. And cheers to Haley Joel Osmant for coming up with the secret (before there was "The Secret") called Pay it Forward.

But all weekend long I got to thinking, I need to do some PR work for Service. Basically give it a make-over--a little more glamorous and less like pulling weeds. Maybe even volunteer to be the new face of Service, like Nicole for Chanel. I am going to start by adding a Service Campaign to my blog, because I don't mean to blog or anything, but I do the best service. No really...humbly too.

And for the record (or cd or mp3 or whatever you listen to at your house) I do think arranging a Birthday Luncheon for Someone is Service--which is why I am putting together a little "to do" next Monday for Azucar's Trenta-y-Uno. Want to come?
E-mail me=
Subject Line= Did you say...
Write= Something by the way of "hello" or "I'd like to come please."

I will e-mail you back with the details.

Also please don't be shy, we know you want to be at this event with Azucar's intelligence and fabulous shoes.

If only my inspirational, awesome, denim skirt wearing, drumming, pregnant, parcel-sending friend Liz could come, so I could tell her face-to-face my full report on each piece in the package. I am sure fate will arrange that somehow.
(Thanks Liz, you made my week.)

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