Happy Birthday Councilwoman, You Wild Child

Handmade invitation-design by Yours Truliest

I am holding a brunch in my mother's honor today. I am thinking of serving Vodka. Then again, I am not thinking of serving Vodka because we are Mormon.

So instead there will be a nice pasta salad infused with my secret balsamic vinaigrette, chicken curry sandwiches for some, tomato and cheese for the others, plump strawberries, Mediterranean cheese chips and Aunite CW's sour cream lemon pie for dessert. And, sigh, lemon water.

Chup most certainly will take pictures of the affair.

Will you please excuse me? I have to tend to the asparagus. We need less of stringy asparagus in this world. (To be sure, never cook a vegetable longer than 3 minutes.) Also, as I have stated before, one of the world's greatest pleasures is asparagus pee.

Can you agree?

Happy Birthday Councilwoman!

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