Friday Couldn't Have Come Fast Enough

This is a huge shout out to Chup. He suffered this week with me. His efforts are not in vain. Also, a fat shout out in the direction of Niece/Daughter Claire who drew this picture of us whispering "I love you" to each other.

(Upon further view, I think that she is whispering, and I am hearing.
I'm obviously the one with the fabulous skirt.)

Also a holla to another niece Emmie Sue who texted me yesterday while on spring break. And YO! to the peeps that I shared fortune cookies with yesterday at ~J-lo's lunch. And word to Darlybird for bringing her goods here for me to buy these 1960 Japanese earrings named the 'Vintage Lindy'
( after a very beautiful lady).

Want to know what else I am grateful for? Check it out here on my last Design Mom post -with Steph's response here.

What are your shout outs?

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