As I turned to leave...

Dear Aspiring Authors,
Today on we are having a story telling festival of sorts. This is how it works: My Dear Auntie CW has handcrafted the beginning of a not-as-yet-written novel (based on true events in her life...) and we have the fun of continuing the plot.

And also, I have conjured up my novel writing abilities and sent her a novel starter as well. I ask of you, my dear readers to help us finish these novels in time for the Pulitzer Prize's new category, "Pieces of Peace: Blogging Contributions."

Here is our starter:

The front door was ajar. The music playing in the other room was upbeat and inviting. I knocked and called out her name as I started to enter. But something about the black brassiere strewn carelessly across the coffee table said, "Just leave the package on the sofa and quietly sneak back out the way you came in."

As I turned to leave...

Ohhh I can't wait to see where this one goes. I might have to be the first to comment.

Race ya...
P.S. Don't forget to go to Auntie's place for my story. I would hate to be forgotten.
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