All Up In Your Crafty Grill at Segullah

1.) Last night was craft night at mutual. Want to know how I feel about crafts?

"As it turns out, our church doesn’t have any doctrine about crafts. I use crafts to describe anything in our LDS culture that isn’t backed by official gospel truth. Crafts (and the craft culture) are just optional and perhaps, unnecessary."

Please click here and read the rest of my rant at Segullah. Please know that everything ends on a very hopeful, positive note which will make your day bright and shiny. Please understand if it doesn't, I am offering a refund of your time spent reading. Please note that I have no idea how I will do that exactly, but farahfarahfarahhophophiphop.

2.) I have a guest blogger tomorrow and guess what? It is Your Mom. Not my mom, I say, Your Mom. It should be interesting. Be prepared to take notes. And then take out the garbage. Do your homework. Stop teasing your little brother...

3.) The highly-esteemed Guestbook Commenter of the Week goes to Marisa who writes:

Greetings cjane
I'm not really sure if I am doing this right yet, but I wanted to share a small compliment for you page, I absolutely love your's and your sisters blog, was just wondering through blog world and came across the both of you.. I love the values you both have as a family with each other, and with your separate families. Both your of pages are very uplifting, I must say ..... I am hooked!
Have a beautiful day and many more to come!

Dear Marisa,
Thank you for your comment. Nie is a fantastic sister to have around. Here is one thing you might not know about her, she constantly laughs at herself. Also, she makes the best chocolate chip cookies, she has a freckle on her lip and she has only kissed two men in her lifetime. I've kissed two hundred. Well...almost that many.

I hope you have a beautiful day and many more to come!

c jane

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Go here my son.

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