Yet Another Post About Celine

Last night I was driving home after having sushi with a table full of gorgeous girlfriends. I was feeling so happy, all hopped up on endorphins and good conversation when I heard on the radio that Delilah was going to play the Heartbreak Classic Celine Dion - To Love You More off of her stellar "Let's Talk About Love" album.

I know I blog about Celine a lot. Can't a girl have one vice in this world? I mean, underneath my Celine obsession I am a normal, functioning human being. But don't you think it is uncanny how much I have in common with her? Big families (see above photo). Lived in the planet known as Quebec. Speak Quebecoise French. LOVE poutine. Professional singers. Married MUCH older men. Think we're God's gift to green grass.

It is eery almost how Celine and I have parallel lives. And stop thinking you're too good for "Let's Talk About Love" buy it today and learn what it like to be a real woman. You can even skip the Titanic song. I do.

But before I continue, does anyone else think it's strange that Quebec is taking over Las Vegas? Literally! I've seen "O" with Cirque de Soleil back in the day when it was one of the two CdS performances on the strip. But now every joint down there has to have some CdS show. Then Celine comes and pretty much swallows the whole strip with one chorus of "Because You Loved Me" If I had my mission call today it would be to the "Canada Montreal Mission" and I'd walk off the plane and be in Las Vegas. Are you following me here?

Back inside my car I was driving down town and belting out "I'm the one who wants to love you more!" and it's true, Chup honey, I do, I want to love you more. Maybe even have a second wedding like Celine and Ramon. Is it Ramon? Shoot. I forget. But here is a picture of The Queen of Quebec at her second wedding:

Except when we do have that second ceremony let's leave the Vampire Family out of the equation. I don't want them to scare Ralphy (the ring bearer). But a head full of diamonds for the bride? Yes.

When I finally got home last night I was so happy. A little sushi, a little Celine-belt, and a game of Tetris before hitting the sack. I bet Celine kicks at Tetris too . . . I mean, when she's not showing the right side up of a high E on the stage at Caesar's Palace.

Caesar! That's his name!

What are you favorite songs to belt? (Sorry, Concrete Blonde's Joey is MINE! But Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero" is available.)


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