Things of Spring!

Dear c jane readers,

Due to a full schedule of birthday celebrations, that would make even Oprah green-eyed with jealousy, this will be my last post of the week. I have had a lot of fun blogging this week, meeting new bloggers and reading delightful posts. Just being here is your birthday present to me (I know, you just didn't know what to get the girl who has everything!)

I took Ralph out on a lakeside trail yesterday. All signs indicate that spring is a Go! This means it's time to prepare the rituals that precede the Spring Equinox. Here is one of my favorite spring rites:

Years ago when I was young and thinking it would be a good idea to get married to someone other than Chup (don't do it c jane!) I visited the home of my favorite local artist, Provo's own Kurt Knudsen who was the genius behind these. Kurt was going to do my bouquet--a deep hued sphere of plump roses--and I sat on his mid-century modern couch looking at his portfolio. In front of me was a dark-wooded coffee table with three delicate tea cups arranged in a row. In each cup was a beautiful pink frilly flower (though I can't remember the species). Such a vision was like feeding chocolate cake with warm raspberry sauce to my eyes. And, it may have been the best part of the wedding.

Now every year when winter starts to wash away with spring rain, I stuff the mugs--those that kept me warm with hot chocolate in the months previous--with spring flowers and perch them in the sun on my coffee table. And then I sit and wait for that perfect spring day when not even the tulips can help from stepping out.

What are your spring rituals?

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