My Weekend Plans at Segullah

1.) Yesterday this girlfriend (see: photo above) invited me to lunch at Thai Chili Gardens. She also invited her mother. And her future fiancee. Oh and his little sister. And he brought his parents, this guy and that girl. The massaman was yummy, but the soul food was divine. Thanks Addie and friends!

2.) I want to hear about your General Conference Traditions today at Segullah. I think that might be an order. Yes. I demand to hear about your General Conference Traditions!

(Please click here. And thanks to all those who have already posted. Hint: someone does shots to stay awake.)

(Also: In case you needed to be filled in on what General Conference is in the first place, you can click here. )

3.) Guestbook comment of the week is from another Sonny who writes:

You are so stinking funny I love keeping up with your posts. I almost feel like family. Too bad I had to find out about it through one of your fan's sites.

Dear Sonny,
You feel like family? You ARE family. And when the human slingshot clip was taking over every internet forum and youtube link I had to admit that, not only was this the excellent invention of my brilliant cousins (you) and even-more-brilliant Uncle Louis (everyone needs an Uncle Louis) I had actually done it myself! Sure it nicked off some fine years of my life. But am I better today having done it? Absolutely.

See you on the Fourth of July?
I am counting the days already!

c jane

4.) I've got a fascinating Guest Blogger tomorrow. She is a woman who leads a life only
one of us in 8,100 will ever live. You are going to be so engrossed. Not grossed-out. Engrossed. I can't wait...

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