My Tres Jolie Life

Sometimes I get crazy and surf the net. I caught a big wave last week that took me to my new friend Emily Anne's blog where she was singing the praises of her pink frilly skirt. If you've read my chronicles here on you know, that I know, the joy of a perfect pink skirt. And so you also know why Emily Anne is my new friend.

Just yesterday morning I was shuffling around the house in my undies and discussing with Chupa where I wanted to trade money for a burrito that afternoon. As I decided on El Azteca, the door bell went like this: ding! Our doorbell doesn't: ding-dong! It just: dings! And that is okay with me. I mean, I am at peace with that.

Because I was in my undies and all, the Man of the House had to answer the door. And I was hoping that it wasn't ANYONE trying to sell ANYTHING because NOTHING makes Chup more irrate than that. He made a sign. He has a bb gun. He gets a little ruthless (my apologies to Ruth.)

But instead it was my new shoes! My new shoes! To chase away the blues! Clearing of any bad news! Specially whilst in my underoos! The Councilwoman bought me them two weeks ago but Nordie's wasn't "in to" carrying my size. So I made "an order." Every girl knows that the you must bond with shoes immediately after you take them home. So I put them on and we took a tour of the house together. "This is the bathroom, where we'll come to apply make-up and use q-tips." And we met Chupa who said, "I am Chupa and I have a groping problem." (Which I didn't think was appropriate.)

After the three hour tour it was burrito time so I dashed into my room to get dressed. Hmmmm. Nothing looked appetizing to wear. Then I saw something flash out of the corner of the plastic spring/summer wardrobe bin. Pink skirt. Pink skirt! When I brought her out, she looked so refreshed from her six month hibernation. Just lovely. Then I finished the whole ensemble with, get this, a shirt that Azucar gave me last year, because when that girl has clothes to give away I LINE UP and yell ME! ME! PICK ME!

And because I am like Angelina Jolie, after I buy something new, I like to have pictures taken of me bonding with my new-found prize. Then I sell them to People magazine for MILLIONS! The proceeds of which will go to my favorite charity: Outlaw Bluetooth Usage Organization. They aim at making the world less awkward for us all.

After that I had a burrito.

After that I chips and salsa.

After that I peed my pants playing Lazer Assault with my family for Family Home Evening.

(Oh what? Like you've never peed your pants from laughing at your Dad running around trying to maneuver into small spaces in the dark with the Stars Wars Soundtrack blaring in your ears?)

Girl. You haven't lived.

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