I Know Segullah is True

1.) This is a self-portrait of my friend Mara. You know what Mara does? She keeps it real by being the administrator at Blog Segullah. I posted there just this morning. You can keep it real by reading my confession there.

2.) You know why I love my Guestbook? I mean beside hearing about how my homegirl Emstar freakin' loves cinnamon bears? Because my Friends of Past Lifetimes More Specifically The Adventure Called BYU Study Abroad London leave a comment. That is a shout-out to you Foxy. You know why I love Blogging? I mean besides posting pictures of myself? Because my Friends of Past Lifetimes More Specifically The Adventure Called BYU Study Abroad London show up on their own blogs and I get to read them. That is is a shout-out to you Jenn. So now Foxy and Jenn and Kentucky (because she was there too) all get back in-touch. Dang Gina this is fun!

3.) Guestbook comment of the week comes from amusing Mrs. Dub:

Question: (I hope you watch "The Office" and hope you are saying "Question:" in Dwight's voice). Do you watch "The Office"? Do you love it? I used to watch The Office. And I did love it. I just don't have the attention span to make the mental note: Tonight is Thursday, Watch The Office. And we don't Tivo or whatever because we only get like four stations and so really, unless you love watching Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel (which I do not) then whatisthepoint? But M.D. reminds me of Dwight a little bit (he doesn't know that, he might now.)

Question: Is it OK to sign the guestbook if you sometimes make a comment? Affirmative.

Question: Will there be a mint on my pillow tonight now that I'm officially your guest? Don't you hate staying at mintless hotels? It's like the disappointment of the decade.

Question: Should I cut my hair? If so, what 'do should I do? Have you prayed about it Mrs. Dub? I always pray about hair decisions because it's important-after all your hair is next to your face. But also DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR! NEVER A GOOD IDEA UNLESS YOU HAVE LICE. REALLY BAD LICE! I ONCE HAD REALLY BAD LICE AT GIRLS CAMP (ANOTHER TIME.)

Question: That time I sent you an email ... did you think I was stalking/blog-crushing on you? 'Cause I might have come across like a starstruck fan. No. I thought it was hot.

Question: Is it wrong to be your fan? If it is, do I want to be right? Yet, another something to pray about Mrs. Dubs.

loves all around!

c jane

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