Four Brags and a Question

It's my birthday week and well, I'd like to brag.

Angie, my fellow Segullah Sister highlighted my first published essay "Infertility and Fulfillment" yesterday on the Blog Segullah forum. The writers at Segullah are intelligent polished women for whom I am grateful to share printed space. Thanks for the honor Ang!

Read the discussion

Read my essay

To carry on with my bragging,
I want to point out that
Sunstone, the Great I AM of Mormon intellectual, cultural, spiritual, social and artistic literary discussion and reporting has had my "Modest About Modesty" linked on their "Of Good Report" sidebar (linked as: Fun Fashion at Segullah: A little cleavage never hurt anyone!) Which I think means that they liked it, they really, really liked it.

As a side note: the great Mormon philosopher and writer Eugene England first introduced me to the Sunstone society, and although I only earned a B in his Mormon Lit class, I think he'd be glad to know that his prestigious institution gave a tiny nod in my direction. That is what I'd like to think.

Did you think I would stop there? Yesterday was off the charts with stats. 2,772 page loads with 988 unique visitors! Holy flapjacks and happy gravy! Of course I owe it all to those who participated (either by posting or by linking) to our intriguing
Theme Day activity. Thank you one, and thank you all. Now that I am a professional blogger (because I have ads-you know) traffic is what keeps food in Ralph's bowl. And not just the cheap Costco brand that causes sea green/yellow mounds all over the backyard, I mean the real chunky dog food that crawling babies like to eat! So again, THANK YOU!

Last of all, I had the honor of babysitting niece Phoebe and nephew Hugh while Chris and Lisa jet setted off to yet another film festival in California (la-tee-da) and while making lunch for the little critters, Chup and I had a very serious discussion about the use of bread on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (a run-on! a run-on! I write the best run-ons!) I like Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat, he likes a thick Texan White Bread, that for non-nonsensical reasons, he ate a lot of in Japan. He will not eat raspberry jam because of the seeds, but I say bring it on. I am seedy that way.

And this is where I ask, how do you like your pb&j?

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