Everybody Loves A Spring Clean

(Enjoy It! painting by Lisa V. Clark)

I am going to be honest with you, level with you here, now. RIGHT NOW.
I told everyone that 2007 wasn't going to be a good year and though no one believed me at the turn of the New Years Clock, they do now. THEY DO NOW!

It is only March and these things have happened:

  1. Lucy, car wreck
  2. Councilwoman, broken foot
  3. Page, head trauma while skiing
  4. Chup, pneumonia (while not diagnosed, I have a feeling . . .)
So as you can see, Enjoy It hasn't been easy lately.
But, I am determined to make it through! I have the resolve of a stain remover! And after all I did lose the 5 post-party pounds! 2007 bedanged!

Here are some Enjoy It! Resolutions:

  1. Weekly Guest Bloggers!
  2. Interactive Fridays!
  3. Enjoy It links for weekend reading!
  4. More, more more controversies at Segullah! (Kathy? Please?)

Enjoy It! Upcoming Events:

  1. The Birth of Azucar's Son
  2. Posting with Nie on a Special Sister's Week at Design Mom
  3. Perhaps a role in MUSICAL THEATER this summer (how awesome is that?)
  4. More, more more controversies at Segullah!

Enjoy It! On Going Projects:

  1. Fix Chupa's Flash
  2. Decipher Geo's blogging dream about me
  3. Sidebar!
  4. Should I write about my latest fertility revelations? Not yet?
  5. Respond to e-mails!

Enjoy It! Thanks:

  1. Johnna for being my web-master mistress
  2. People who click on the ads
  3. Guest Bloggers (past and present)
  4. The Jolly Porter for starting me out
Enjoy It! Uses The Secret to ask for:

  1. A small article in the Daily Herald with a photo of me hugging the Mayor
  2. Someone who wants to trade blogs for the day (I write for you, you write for me)
  3. To win one, just one, Darlybird Give Away (Emily! That Lucy Bag! I WANT IT!)
  4. More and more blogging friends
Well (crack my knuckles, lean back, sigh) I think that is about it. Yep. I think that is the State of Spring here at Enjoy It! (cjanerun.com).

Enjoy It! Links For This Week:

Cake Decorating 101 by Lindsey Johnson on Designmom.com

I Think His Name Was Jean Luc by Julie

My Trainer Laughed at Me Today by PF10

Please Don't Puke When You Read This by Justine

"True" Friends by Marilyn

COOKIES! by Auntie CW

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend and plenty of kite-flying wind!

c jane

Any Other Suggestions? Recommendations? Constructive Feedback?

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