Friday, March 2, 2007

A Day in the Life of c jane P.A.

I get asked a lot what it is I do exactly now that I am unemployed. Truth is, I am Chup's personal assistant, which means I go to auditions with him a couple times a week. Most of the time we have to commute to Salt Lake, and so we don't waste the gas, we usually plan an adventure after (or in between) auditions. I brought my camera today to document a typical hardworking day at my occupation. Read it by clicking to enlarge each picture and weep:

Anybody desirous to join in on a Theme of the Day?
Photo blogs like Paris Daily Photo (I heart, I heart) sometimes join with other bloggers to post pictures on a theme. I want to try this with my own crowd (plus, it's good PR for your blog!)
Here is the lowdown:
The theme is: Self-Portrait
Take a picture regarding this theme and post it on your blog on Monday (March 5th 2007)
E-mail me ( or let me know in my comments if you will be posting on Monday (also let me know if you have questions!)
On Monday, I will place links on my blog to all the Daily Theme contributors.
And Oh! What fun we will have!