Birthday Weekend Part Two: Friday, March 9th

The party. Oh the party. The Mayor came. There was live jazz. Dancing. A bar. A drink named "The cjane". Ambiance you couldn't believe. A program. A presentation. Chup singing. A greeter. A woman in labor. Delicious food. A chocolate fountain. A cake! What a cake! Fireworks. Family. Friends.

Only flickr could do it justice. Click here!

I'd like to thank: Andrew(CEO), Lucy(Assistant CEO), Page & Vance (Food and Hosting), Topher (Program and Music), Lisa (Decor & Ambiance), Carina (Lots of stuff), Jenny (Greeter), Shannon (Bar & Photos), Ben (Music), Hailey (Singing), Haley (For being willing), Lindsay (Make-up), Mom (Cake), Sam Andrus (Cake Design), Chup (Photos and Sound), M.D. (Tribute), Kentucky (Cause I like you), Davey (For meeting everyone there...twice), Steve (Firework control), Jesse (Firework control), Dad (For wearing your tux), Olivia, Emma & Winnie (Hostess serving), Brother Matt (For being so fun at my party!) Andrew & Reachel (Invitation Photos)Layton (Trumpet) and a Host of Good-Looking Nephews (Dance partners!) Am I forgetting anyone?

Oh yes. Stephanie thanks for the details!

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