Birthday Weekend Part One: Thursday March 8th

March 8th was my eldest brother Steve's 40th birthday
(seen here with tongue, and wife Suze.)

To celebrate, Mom and Dad took us to UVSC's premiere culinary experience, Greg's Restaurant. We dined on steaks, crab legs and risotto. After dinner Steve opened his presents: Guitar Hero and a real electric guitar. Gifts to ensure that
Steve Rocks The 40s

Chup and I share a smooch!
(Thanks Muggles for the photo!)

Earlier that day,

Azucar (a dream of a hostess) honored me with a blogger's lunch at La Carreta. I brought Provo Bakery Cookies to share. I was so glad to spend the afternoon with the loveliest of women. I was able to meet my hero Metamorphose and her darling sister-in-law Ashley(with baby Lucy) as well as fun/funny Pflower10 for the first time!

(Please click on the photo for a better --though blurry--view of my friends.)

(Missing Photo: Lorien & Darling Daughter!)
Thanks ladies for the wonderful afternoon!

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