Afterall, A Pretty Good Week

Inspired by Veranique Vienne who writes "All things being equal, you probably get the same workout pacing in front of a stove as you do walking on a treadmill at the gym" (The Art of Being A Woman) I cooked this week. I cooked and baked, mixed, stirred, mashed and experimented. My heart rate would increase with every boiling pot, beeping cookie timer and whistling tea kettle. Sweat accumulated on my chest and forehead. My arms sore the morning after.

Then after our quiet dinners were over--my bottle of Perrier consumed--we would show off Ralph's amazing skill of pulling Chup on the skateboard to our neighbors. We walked to Lucy and Andrew's farm to deliver fresh cookies. We stopped to say hello to ~J and her caravan of little ladies. Enjoyed dancing to Carla Bruni's quiet voice.

Being a housewife? It is most fantastic.

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