Blossoming At Segullah

1.) I have just inked a lucrative deal and I am letting you in on the secret. My sister-in-law Kentucky has agreed to Guest Blog for me tomorrow! She is talented, clever and an excellent writer (as you can see, we are a lot alike . . . plus, like me, she never brags.) She's also a wife, mother and on her third round of chemotherapy. I am so excited for this post-to-come, I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight. Does anyone have an extra Ambien to share?

2.) What day is it? It is Segullahday. You can read my post here.

3.) Guestbook commenter of the week is from Sunny :

love your site! found it from stephanie's "nie nie" blog.

Love the photos of your 30th birthday celebration(s). Are all the women in your family so naturally pretty & stylish?

Dear Sunny,
Thanks for writing in. It takes a brave person to post in the Guestbook. Not just anyone can endure it's ever-lastingness. When you post on the Guestbook it is forever (unless you ask me to delete which I will do for large sums of money and promises of sunshine and a trip to the Ivory Coast.)

Sunny, I am so glad you found Nie's blog. She's basically my sister. And thanks for your compliments on my blog. Every morning I get up and play Tetris and then I try to post something. Blogging can make one feel so vulnerable sometimes. It's a wonder that I ever post at all . . .

Thanks for taking the time to look at all my birthday photos. When all is said and done, 30 feels a lot like 29. I still put my pants on one leg at a time like I did last year. Kinda disappointing.

And last of all, Sunny, to answer your question about all the women in my family being so naturally pretty and stylish I must tell you it is because we are happy women. We have loving parents, married honest men and live good lives. A genuine smile can make anyone look hot.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go let Chup off his leash in the basement, it's time for his ear cleaning.

love and rainbows,
c jane

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