Ride Over to Segullah

1.) Downtown Provo is so hip these days. Just yesterday S Hod and I were downtown, taking pictures and stopping by the Provo Bakery (try the sugar cookies, I am only going to say this one more time: try the sugar cookies). Then we went to Lon's Cookin' Shack for deep fried cauliflower dipped in bar-be-que sauce! Then, if that wasn't enough, we checked out the trendy Mode Boutique on University. This darling little spot boasts a t-shirt bar with locally designed and produced clothing and accessories. In blogosphere Mode has been recognized by Design Mom! Ohh me likey! I bought myself a dreamy birthday shirt, and I like to think there is only going to be a couple of us walking around with the same top! (No offense, Target.) When I got home, Lucy came over to show me her birthday present, a spunky beach cruiser named GiGi. After we went for a ride she told me where the birthday bunny picked up this delightful bicycle built for two, Bingham's Cyclery which is, you got it, downtown!

There is a post up at Segullah which is dedicated to my friends at Medallion Manor. Read it by clicking this thingy.

Guestbook comment of the week from Jennifer B:

Thanks for posting that clarification. I'm NOT a stalker after all. What a relief.
I'll be able to drift peacefully off to sleep with a clear conscience . . . gazing at the printed copies of all your posts and photos I decoupaged onto my wall.

Dear Jennifer B,
love decoupage! Keep it up!

c jane

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