Three Things and Segullah

1.) No it is true. Before I was a blogger I had an excellent writing career writing for The Provonian, Provo High's elite newspaper staff. I had myself a column which was christened "The Dizz" where I single-handedly warned and welcomed the waves of fashion that came and went in the mid-nineties. There was some talk of plaid taffeta mixed with voluptuous velvet, but that is all I can recall at this time. But for heaven's sake (lit-er-ally) I have, this day only! resurrected my Dizz-ness and wrote a fashion-inspired blog at Segullah. For all intents and purposes, read it here.
2.) Try to find Darlybird amongst the Provonian staff. She was our fearless editor. In some ways, she still is...
3.) I have added a feature for my peeps. I do get a lot of comments like "Hey I read your blog. But I don't comment or nothin' " and so I've blessed this blog with a guestbook (see right column as well) for those who'd like to say hello and nothing else. Ever.
Or for those who'd liked to be counted as c jane readers before Oprah books me.
Or for those who like graffiti and "leaving their mark."
Or for my mom.

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