Exhausting Vactionistics at Segullah

Gracias Sister for the picture! Love, Aunty
1.) Thanks to my guest bloggers. Now I know how to raise chickens, eat tabasco on pizza and season a good pot of arroz y frijoles. I am letting out a dirty secret: I sleep with Guest Blogger number 2. On a regular basis. Other than that, No Comment.
I am reporting on some of my trip to the arrid Southwest at Segullah. It was very busy, for instance here is a picture of posing (exhaustively) for Ollie who is coloring my likeness with a Crayola Washable Marker. Good thing too, because after this shot, Ollie got all Miami Ink on us and in no time his skin was covered in some prolific-todderlesque drawings. And yes, that is a picture of me on the table. Other than that, No Comment.
Another thanks to those who signed my guestbook last week. It was so much like yearbook season. The guestbook is unlike yearbooks in two regards though, it's always available for comments and doesn't have to be about fatty McBatty the math teacher. No Freakin' Comment.

Guestbook comment of the week:
Amy-Alisa writes:
I am living in, but not from Heber, UT and appreciate references to cool places to eat/shop. Your blog is great for fun and insight.
p.s. I just saw the Joseph Smith movie in Salt Lake a few weeks ago, and Chup was pretty awesome. But tell me true, he let that guy win, right?

Answer: Thanks Amy-Alisa! Have you tried the Snake Creek Grill the Crowning Jewel of Back Country Culinary Perfection? Anyway, as the story goes, Chup and Joseph Smith did the stick pull again when cameras were not rolling.

Chup lost for real. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Love to all!
c jane

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