Who Are You Malibu?

I was sad to hear about my mom's friend Suzanne Somers losing her Malibu home to a wildfire. The poor dear.

Oh, didn't you know that the Council Woman and Suzanne are friendsies?

It has been several years when the Council Woman was just flashing her Visa around all the Palm Springs posh spots and entered a store selling the most unique art deco earrings anyone could find in a desert oasis.

They were the size of a car door remote, though a bit more oblong. Pink like only Pepto Bismol can understand, and paved with pieces of shiny stones. Unfortunately, the Council Woman no longer boasts this pair in her jewelry box, but someone who shops for earrings at DI is a lucky soul.

Well, there she was, buying these modern disasters when Suzanne stepped up to the neighboring register. Never intimidated, always friendly, the Council Woman says, "Ohh hello."

And Suzanne says, "Oh hello . . . who are you?" Thinking that the Council Woman was a wife of So and So, the producer of This and That, the-former-socialite-of-Chelsea now-transplanted-to-Beverly-Hills. Or at the most least, a devotee of the thigh master, with a waiting "Thank you so much Suzanne! My thighs don't jiggle!"

But instead the proud Council Woman says "I am Cindy Clark . . . of Provo."

As my mother tells it, Suzanne thought it was delightfully funny and laughed and laughed. And laughed.

She almost accepted an invitation to have dinner with Suze and her husband, but as any intellect knows three is not company, three is a crowd.

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